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Litha Communications handles EWSETA AGM branding
26 November 2012

The annual general meeting of the Energy & Water Seta (EWSETA) took place on 22 November 2012, at the AstroTech Conference Centre in Johannesburg.

The event was branded by Litha Communications, which also produced the Seta's information booklet that was distributed at the AGM.
"We were awarded all the branding, communications and design around the AGM, the booklet and the CEO's speech," explains Teresa Jenkins, managing director of Litha Communications.

"The booklet has an attractive warm feel to it, with swirls of orange and blue, signifying the core businesses of the Seta. It has been designed to incorporate a CD with an executive summary of the EWSETA Sector Skills Plan 2012 Update with the CEO's message and a profile of the energy and water services sector.

"The Sector Skills Plan (SSP) is the most important guiding document for any SETA and many would go as far as stating that it is the lifeblood that allows economic growth and social development to flourish," explains Errol Gradwell, CEO of EWSETA.

"It is of great importance that the concept of a SSP and the implications of this critical document be understood by our stakeholders and above all, validated and supported. A SSP is not merely a statutory function of the Skills Development Act and the Public Finance Management Act, but one that is 'owned' by the sectors for which we are responsible."

Interested parties can view more information on the Seta's website at

Source: Bizcommunity