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HBS staff members have been relocating to South Africa
03 May 2010

As the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ approaches more and more HBS staff members have been relocating to South Africa to prepare for the operational period. In order for staff to be fully prepared for the complexities of the project each and every employee is required to attend a comprehensive orientation session. The orientation sessions are conducted by HBS Training Senior Manager Tania Pellegrini and include detailed explanations of event-time procedures as well as information about HBS' structure and policies and tips about life in South Africa during the event.

The third session, held at the Astro Tech Conference Centre in Parktown, was an especially important one for HBS as the participants included the management staff of each of the tournament's ten venues who are now based at their respective venues and ready to train their own staff on-site. These staff members include the Broadcast Venue Managers (BVMs), the backbone of broadcast operations at each venue, as well as the Venue Technical Managers (VTMs) and the Venue Logistics Managers (VLMs). They are the main on-site contact points for FIFA and the LOC from now until the end of the FIFA World Cup™; as such it is particularly vital that they be well informed.

After the orientation session the group was joined by the remainder of the HBS team in South Africa as well as HBS CEO Francis Tellier, who gave a welcome speech. Everyone was then treated to an African tribal show featuring traditional dance routines of the Shangaan, Xhosa and Zulu tribes. HBS currently has approximately 140 staff members on the ground in South Africa. This number is growing daily and will swell to more than 2,500 by the Opening Match on 11 June.