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About the AstroTech Conference Centre

The story behind the AstroTech Conference Centre

Liza van Wyk - CEO AstroTech

The proud owners of AstroTech Conference Centre are the team behind national training companies, AstroTech and BizTech. AstroTech targets top corporate and public sector executives and middle management while BizTech extends expertise and training to administrative, supervisory, business support, sales and graduates new to the workplace.

Liza van Wyk, an engineer, founded AstroTech in 1998. Under her leadership the three companies ensure careful attention to detail; excellent client service and top-rated facilitators with an ever-changing course lists to meet the demands of globalised economics. Specialist skills development, team building and top-notch management training has moved the companies to among the best managed corporates in South Africa.

AstroTech Conference Centre is a sophisticated conference venue with competitive skills training packages. AstroTech Conference Centre has top-notch management training facilities and thoughtful client service. The stately buildings of AstroTech Conference Centre are centrally situated yet amid elegant surrounds in Johannesburg - South Africa's conference venue Mecca.